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Our Manifesto

How it Works

Entrant will submit a photo to the Competition via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag "humanpoweredhealth". The photo should be a representation of what "Human-Powered Health" means to the participant.

Entry and Registration

There is no Entry Fee.

Individuals may submit more than one Entry and still be considered for the prize giveaway.

Entries must be received by 6pm CST on June 23rd, 2014 to be considered for the prize giveaway.

Prize and eligible Entries will reset after 6pm CST on June 23rd, 2014.


Eligible Entires must be an original work of the Entrant.

By submitting to the Competition you are not and will not be violating any contract or third party rights including any patent, copyright, trade secret, proprietary or confidential information, trademark, publicity or privacy right.

Employees of Circuit Inc. and family members of any Circuit Inc. employee are not eligible for the Prize.


The Winning Photo will be selected by Circuit Inc. and revealed on June 24th, 2014.

Circuit Inc. reserves the right to choose Winning Photo, based on artistic merit.

The Winning Photo, taken from the time period of 5.23.14 – 6.23.14, will win a Helium helmet and a pair of SS1 sunglasses from Lazer. Entrant will choose which bike and appropriate frame size.

Circuit Inc. reserves the right to display and share the Winning Photo.

Human-Powered Health.

Rates of obesity in America are soaring.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death.

And for the first time in our history, the youngest generation of Americans may not outlive their parents.

Despite all the advances we’ve made in science and medicine over the last 100 years, our collective health is declining.

We could blame the government.

We could blame the food industry - or the misinformation of the diet industry.

But at the end of the day, our health is a product of the choices we make.

The food we choose to eat. The activities we choose to do, or not do.

Human-Powered Health is a celebration of people who take control of their own health and fitness through an active lifestyle.

It’s an invitation to ride, run, jump, swim, lift or any other physical endeavor that enhances your well-being.

It’s a mantra for all who believe in the simple, but powerful idea that the human body is made to move.